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Martin Serpentis is a contemporary figurative artist living in Berlin, Germany. Grown up in a small town close to Hamburg and later moving to the south of Germany to study social sciences, he decided to change his location to Berlin constantly in 2011 for a purpose. The wild side of Germany's capital city with its alternative art-scene, fast pacing and multicultural population gave the completely self-taught artist new inspirations and distinct capabilities to connect with like minded individuals, models & muses. Martin creates his ink crafted PinUp-ish artworks from photos that he takes by himself of his chosen models. Without the inclusion of digital techniques his tools are pencils, fineliners & brushes while covering drawing styles such as stippling & pointillism, line art & crosshatching. He adds his own twist of inspirations from the fetish culture, personal experiences and visions of the beyond to his works while ranging from emotional portraits to provoking, sexual charged illustrations, always following his aim to show himself and his audience a place to be free and liberated from obsolete traditions and antiquated world views.

Martin's work has been shown and presented at different exhibitions & art-shows within Berlin and across Germany. 

2015 - Publishing of his artbook "Darker than PinUp"

2022 - Upcoming artbook "Beyond PinUp" as part II of his "PinUp"-trilogy

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